Healthy Bodies - How pilates is saving my life


It's that time of year…  


New Years always brings ads about getting healthy and that normally includes some sort of physical exercise.  I've had a love/hate relationship with exercise and sports.  It goes back to the 4th grade, standing in the gym of Colfax Elementary School and being chosen very last for team sports.  I can still see the look on that boy's face when he realized I was going to be on his team. 


If I could go back to my teens and twenties I would have found an exercise that I loved.  Sadly, it was always about losing weight and I've found that when that is the focus, it never sticks for me.  I've joined gyms, bought a bike, walked with friends, trained for and ran a 5K and done all of the VHS tapes.  Some of them I liked but most I just tolerated… until I found Pilates.


At first glance, Pilates might seem "easy" but it's not;  it requires focus, control and strength.  When I started sessions with my friend, Cindi I noticed how bad my posture had gotten over time, but now whenever I feel myself returning to those old habits I can hear Cindi telling me to hold my shoulders back.  I love that with Pilates my goals are about getting stronger and more disciplined and not about competing with the person beside me.  I sleep better because of it, I’m stronger and I have more confidence.  Sometimes you don't really know if something is working until you stop doing it.  Let me just say, you probably don't want to be around me if I've gone a week without doing Pilates!


Here's the thing - Pilates may not be for you but something is.  Make 2023 the year you find it!


Below are the Pilates resources that I've found helpful.


Reignite Health & Fitness (Triad, NC Area)

Ruth Edwards 



Vital Movement Pilates & Physial Therapy (Lansing, NC)

Cindi Began 



If you mention this newsletter and purchase a package of 10 sessions, Cindi will give you the 11th session free + 10% off — $540 versus the normal $600!  She’s also offering a free 45 minute "meet and greet" that will give you the chance to see if Pilates is for you!


Club Pilates

I go to the Winston-Salem studio but their website will help you locate the studio closest to you.  Right now they are offering 20% off one month, a $0 enrollment fee and a 30 minute free class to help you determine if their studio is a good fit for you. 



I’ve been following Robin Long on Instagram for a while now and I love her quick workouts and focus on whole person wellness. Lindywell offers an app with a monthly subscription which is perfect if you can't find an in-person studio.  I haven't subscribed yet but I love the site!